Tips and tutorials

Trading your favourite financial product over the internet can be highly rewarding. However, trading is not as easy as some make it seem and there is a huge risk in all online trading.

You should therefore take extra precautions before venturing into online trading. Find discussed below some of the trading tips to follow before getting started with this platform.

Follow a trading plan

We can’t insist enough on the need to trade on a plan. Trading on a plan helps avoid emotion-driven decision-making.

As we will see below, fear and greed are the worst emotions in trading. These emotions are likely to cloud decision making thus leading to low-quality trading signals. Low-quality trading signals are likely to lead to losses.

We offer the tools to help traders from all levels build a powerful trading plan. Our tools will help you align your plan with your trading goals. The trading goals should be dictated by the level of risk you are willing to trade.

Apply the Stop Loss and Take Profit tools

Risk management should be your top priority in trading. Many traders fail because they do not take risk management seriously.

Managing the trading risk effectively is the first step towards successful trading. Top quality brokers offer the Stop Loss and Take Profit tools to help you manage the trading risk. These tools will help you avoid emotion-driven trading.

The Stop Loss controls the emotion of fear by helping the trader predetermine when to close losing trades. Anxiety often leads to bad decision-making, such as closing a losing trade too soon. This could lead to missed opportunities and hence a generally negative trading outcome.

The Take Profit helps you automate when profitable trades are closed. This prevents you from holding a winning trade for too long. Greed could make you do so hence leading to a reversal of the profits earned during