About Us

Bitprime Gold is a trading program founded by Bitprime Group. We are a global company offering fast-paced trading software.

Bitprime Group was founded in 2014 in London, UK. We have been offering B2C trading software to corporations on Wall Street and other global financial hubs. Our major clients for the B2C software include big banks and hedge funds.

Bitprime Gold is our first B2C fast-paced trading software. We developed this trading system for institutional clients but later decided to offer it to retail investors. Bitprime Gold has achieved huge financial success since its launch.

We have helped tens of thousands of our clients achieve their financial dream. Hundreds of our clients have already earned their first million in crypto through our system. Many more are living their financial dream with amazing daily returns of up to 300%.


The Bitprime Gold Team

Bitprime Gold was developed by a team with experience in fast-paced derivatives trading. Our team includes computer scientists and traders. The traders develop trading strategies by studying the highly dynamic crypto markets.

These traders have high-level experience in the crypto markets and are highly accurate. The strategies developed by the traders are passed to the computer scientists to be automated into a trading algorithm.

Bitprime Gold algorithms are evaluated and updated regularly. The regular updates explain why we remain highly profitable in the highly dynamic crypto markets. We are always sourcing the best talent to ensure that we remain on top of the game.

Contact us if you believe that you can add value to our team. We are looking for seasoned traders and computer scientists to join our team.