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How do I verify my Bitcoin Gold account?

Verifying your Bitcoin Gold account is easy. You are automatically redirected to the verification page upon completing the signup on this page.

The verification is processed by our partner broker. Upload a photo of your ID as prompted and click the verify button. You will receive a notification to confirm the upload. The broker may take up to 48 to verify the information. You can continue with the other steps as the verification is processed.

How do I access the Bitcoin Gold blockchain ledger?

The Bitcoin Gold blockchain ledger helps you track all activities on your account. You can access the ledger through the “Track transactions” tab on the footer of the page.

The ledger provides a record of all activities in your account. It also captures the transaction data through the broker. You can download a PDF copy of the public ledger. The ledger is immutable and hence can’t be manipulated.

Is the Bitcoin Gold desktop app compatible with Windows?

The Bitcoin Gold desktop app is compatible with Windows, Linux and MAC. As mentioned earlier, our tools are built to operate within the trading system provided by the underlying broker.

The trading system could be the MT4, the cTrader and a few proprietary systems provided by the underlying broker. All the trading systems are available in desktop, mobile, and web versions. The desktop versions should work on all operating systems.


How do I confirm if my broker is regulated?

Broker regulation is extremely important in trading. A regulated broker is a guarantee that your deposit will only be used for the intended purpose.

Therefore, you should verify if the broker is regulated. The regulators are categorized into different tiers, with tier one being the best. Examples of tier-one regulators include the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).

What technologies should the broker use to keep my account safe?

Your safety should be a top priority for the broker. Consequently, the broker should implement easily verifiable safety measures.

Moreover, there should be no safety-related complaints. The broker should secure their website through high-grade encryption. The AES256 protocol is the best protection at the website level. We use Amazon s3 encryption for server-side protection.

Should a broker charge a fee for opening an account?

That depends on the type of account. Most brokers provide multiple types of accounts. Some accounts are offered at a premium.

These trading accounts come with additional features to enhance the trading process. It’s important to conduct enough research to determine if the fee is worth it. The CFD brokers linked from our platform do not charge any signup fees. You can access our platform from anywhere across the globe.

How much can I make as a day trader?

Day traders generate amazing profits daily. However, profitability is tied to many factors, including luck. You may therefore never know if you will be among the lucky ones.

A lucky trader could earn up to ten times their investment daily in high volatility. Our tools increase the chances of success by helping you conduct quality trading research. Your profitability depends on the level of risk taken per trade.