Crypto Basics

Trading Basics

Trading is fun when you have the right tools. You have a high chance of success if you are taking it as a business.

Taking trading as a business translates to having a trading plan and sticking to it. You should also conduct enough research to identify the best trading signals. Online trading is not gambling. Find below some basic information about online trading.

What is online trading?

Online trading is all about placing bets on the price swings of a financial instrument. The trader should analyze the market information to predict future price direction. Online trading is fun when the right trading tools are applied.

How does online trading work?

Online trading happens through regulated financial brokers. These brokers are either the liquidity providers or a link to liquidity providers. The brokers that provide liquidity to traders are known as market-makers. Liquidity providers may also include big banks and other financial institutions.

What assets are traded online?

The financial instruments traded online are categorized into four classes. These include stock, forex, commodities, and crypto. Tens of thousands of products can be traded on these four asset classes. Some financial brokers allow you to trade different asset classes simultaneously. You can use our trading tools to generate insights from multiple asset classes.